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Given the rain today, we decided to try attacking things inside the house. The most grievous of which was the suspected-leaking toilet upstairs. After flushing one day, we noticed water coming in through the kitchen ceiling... Thankfully, it was through a screw hole, so hadn't actually saturated the drywall into leaking through. We now have a nice 5cm hole where I removed soggy drywall, and to let the whole area dry out.

But, this still left us with a toilet we didn't want (us, or any of our guests) to use. So today we took it apart as best we could, to see if we could see what was wrong.

Toilet base Water closet

The RUBBER seal is obviously cracked and dried out. These days they use wax, as it's less likely to die this way. The bolts on the water closet are also half rusted through. I'm "happy" that the water closet was only held on by one half-rusted washer, fairly easily removed with needle-nose pliers.

So after lunch, we'll see about heading over to Home Depot to pick up:

  • New wax ring, to replace the rubber one
  • New bolts for the water closet.
  • Perhaps a new rubber gasket for the WC, just for fun.
  • If we're not careful, a whole new toilet...

We can has gallery!

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Not that there's much there right now. But still, now that it's there, we have no excuse to not post!

UPDATE 2008-08-26: Nic prodded me into uploading our nicandtaaviswedding.ca photo gallery. Somehow, just tossing the g2data directory up and restoring the g2_ database tables seems to have been enough for gallery2 to work with! It walked me through the upgrade procedure, and all is now dashi. :)


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